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Injection moulding

"Injection Moulding" from HUBER+SUHNER is specialized in processing of high temperature plastic to precision parts and micro injection moulding.

Micro injection moulding

With its equipment and the consequently follow-up of the implented processes HUBER+SUHNER offers unique opportunities for the manufacturing of smallest parts with highest precision.
  • weight of parts < 0,1 g
  • multifunctional miniaturization
  • extremely thin wall thickness, very tight tolerances
  • multi cavity
  • high performance plastics

Preview  21 ARC Isolator

 Material PA12

 Working temperature
 -70°C bis 110°C
Preview 21 ARC Isolator

Material PPE

Working temperature
 -50°C bis 105°C
Preview Switch Isolator

Material PEEK

Working temperature
-65°C bis 250°C

Precision injection moulding

Our injection moulding plant focuses on the processing of high performance polymeres, thus producing precise molding parts. The modern equipment allows a very economical moulding of inserts or the extraction of sensitive compacts.

Customized solutions can be realized in conjunction with additional know-how such as

  • processing of high-performance materials like PEEK, PEI, LCP, PPS, PSU, PPS, POM and various high-temperature polyamides
  • integrated assembly and fabrication workshops for customer-specific requirements
  • co-ordinate measuring machines for pattern measuring 
Preview 16ARC Housing

Material POM
Working temperature

-50°C bis 80°C
21 ARC Housing

Material PPE
Working temperature

-50°C bis 105°C

Housing SC

Material PEI
Working temperature

-100°C bis 170°C

Preview Holder ODC

Material PPA
Working temperature

-30°C bis 165