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Best performing E-2000™

For over 20 years, HUBER+SUHNER has been successful in manufacturing and selling the E-2000™ optical connector under license. For this reason, the material selection and the careful manufacturing processes have always been a priority resulting in performance levels meeting the most demanding national and international standards and surpassing that of other optical connectors. On top of this, HUBER+SUHNER’s E-2000 components comply with legal environmental regulations RoHS and REACH.

Performance and high power

At HUBER+SUHNER, patch cords and pigtails using E-2000TM connectivity are offered with a minimal performance Grade B and after numerous improvement processes, a very high repeatability can now be ensured. The connector is not only continuously tested at HUBER+SUHNER but also at various large end customer sites. The connector is completely standardized and compatible with all other compliant products on the market. In production, the connector is subject to the highest requirements and 100% of the IL is measured for each terminated connector. Moreover, the end surface is tested several times during the process. This specific connector is only manufactured by HUBER+SUHNER and its certified LAS (Local Assembly Shop) partners which are selected on the basis of their deep knowledge as well as their ability to guarantee that the highest quality standards follow the same strict standardized processes as provided by us.