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Enviroflex basic

With the introduction of Enviroflex basic, HUBER+SUHNER expand their portfolio of halogen free RF cables. The environmental friendly alternative extends the selection with cost-effective RF cables for less demanding applications. Thanks to the mechanical compatibility with RG cables the Enviroflex products can easily be designed-in using existing connectors.
High-temperature RG types contain PTFE and FEP. HUBER+SUHNER Enviroflex replaces these expensive, halogen-containing polymers with cross-linked PE and RADOX®. The temperature range is limited to 105°C which is still sufficient in many cases. Enviroflex basic further cuts down on cost by using common PE dielectrics and LSFH jackets. The maximum allowed temperature is consequently reduced to 85°C. The silver plating of the braids is replaced with a tin layer. Prices can therefore be reduced up to 50% compared to the initial RG type.
Standard RG types with solid PE dielectric have a PVC jacket. Although inexpensive, PVC contains chlorine and other chemicals that can have adverse effects on the environment. HUBER+SUHNER also offer Enviroflex basic alternatives for these RG types. By replacing silver with tin plated braids, prices can still be reduced up to 20%.
The trend of customer awareness and responsibility in environmental matters started several years ago, also in the B2B market. This is why Enviroflex has been very popular since its launch 20 year ago, when HUBER+SUHNER set a new market standard. The blue line on the jacket always was and is a distinctive feature of the product series. The tradition continues with Enviroflex basic featuring a printed stripe of HUBER+SUHNER logos that still make the product unique.
Follow many of our satisfied customers, select the environmental friendly option and choose the original, HUBER+SUHNER Enviroflex and Enviroflex basic!
Features and benefits
  • Halogen free RG replacement
  • LSFH jacket materials
  • Cost efficient