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Excellence In Connectivity Solutions

The HUBER+SUHNER Group is a leading global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity in communications, industrial and transportation markets.

We can draw on core competencies in the areas of high frequency technology, fiber optics, cables and polymers. Working in close collaboration with our customers around the globe, we strive for excellence in the development and manufacturing of high quality products.

Our motto is ”Excellence In Connectivity Solutions”. At the heart of our offering is a broad range of products that can be relied on to meet high response times worldwide.

We concentrate on complex applications that allow us to stand out by adding value with special product features, customer-specific innovations, engineering and other services.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency

HUBER+SUHNER manufactures first-class radio-frequency and microwave products for the global market. The product range includes all passive components like cables, connectors, assemblies, antennas, lightning protection and resistive components.

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics

HUBER+SUHNER offers fiber-optic products for demanding applications involving ultra-high data transmission speeds. The range includes cables, connectors, assemblies, cable and distribution systems as well as fiber management systems.

Low Frequency

Low Frequency

HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of databus, signal and power cables, connectors, assemblies and cable systems. The well-known RADOX® sheath material protects our high-quality components from adverse environmental conditions.

Recent products

  • Board-to-board connector MFBX/eMFBX

    Board-to-board connector MFBX/eMFBX
    Connector series for high volume applications

  • NEX10

    Miniature low PIM RF coaxial connector system for small cells.


    The second member of the SUCOFLEX 500 family.

  • Enviroflex basic

    Enviroflex basic
    New halogen free alternatives to RG cables

  • CT Family 0.086“ dimension

    CT Family 0.086“ dimension
    Phase invariant cable assemblies

  • New high flex

    New high flex
    battery cables

  • ATEX certified -

    ATEX certified -
    Ex-proof entry and surge protective devices

  • Plug, test, smile.

    Plug, test, smile.
    SUCOFLEX 500 assemblies guarantee the highest level of satisfaction.

  • Microbend L

    Microbend L
    0.086 loss performance with 0.047 dimension

  • UWP

    Weather protection boot for Jumper applications

  • High power limiter

    High power limiter
    Lightning and HPM protection in one unit

  • Quick-Fit plus

    Quick-Fit plus
    Field mountable connector system for DAS

  • Eacon 2C/4C/6C

    Eacon 2C/4C/6C
    Field terminated microwave cable assemblies

  • SUCOFLEX 126

    SUCOFLEX 126
    The low loss, phase stable assembly up to 26.5 GHz

  • PC 1.0 series

    PC 1.0 series
    110 GHz adaptors and 80 GHz coaxial-to-PCB all-in-one solution

  • Customised antennas

    Customised antennas
    The perfect product for your application

  • Spuma

    The flexible low loss standard - now with extended product range.


    EN45545 compliant railway cables

  • VITA 67

    VITA 67
    Multicoaxial RF backplane connection system

  • Milcat 7

    Milcat 7
    - for industrial applications

  • SENCITY® Rondo

    SENCITY® Rondo
    Omni MIMO antenna for in-building coverage

  • ADR approved:

    ADR approved:
    RADOX® 155 and thick-wall RADOX® REMS battery cables

  • RF-over-Fiber

    The RF-over-Fiber Series enables the use of Radio Frequency and Fiber Optics in a single system.

  • MLU SC A1

    MLU SC A1
    Solutions for Small Cell networks

  • MXP series

    MXP series
    Multicoax solution for 50, 40 and 18 GHz

  • Q-ODC 12

    Q-ODC 12
    Push-pull connector for harsh environment


    The most innovative connection to Remote Radio Heads