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New high flex battery cables

HUBER+SUHNER launches new highly flexible battery cables according to ISO 6722-1 and LV112-1 standards.

New high flex battery cables

HUBER+SUHNER is expanding its product range for battery cables in road vehicles by introducing new flexible cables. The stranding is based on individual wires with OD of 0.21mm. This will help improve the flexibility of the cable compared to standard battery cables. This high stranded design in combination with our flexible yet robust cross-linked insulation material (REMS) creates the perfect solution for the automotive market’s need for a highly flexible and robust cable. The cable will retain its flexibility over the complete temperature range. For example, the REMS insulation material allows the cable to keep its flexing performance even in the lowest temperatures, where other jacket materials, such as PVC, would get very stiff. The wire construction and cable dimension is based on existing ISO 6722 and LV 112 standards and the cables also meet the new IVECO specification (No. 11-847).


  • Marc Moser
    Product Manager Automotive
    +41 44 952 2457

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